Tips and Tricks for Eyeliner 

To put it simply, applying eyeliner can be a right pain. Smudges, uneven coverage and the steadily increasing size of your attempts to cover up mistakes, which inevitably results in you looking like you’ve got a black eye, and then you have to wash it off and start the whole process all over again. Well, you can bid farewell to those days by trying out some of these tips and tricks for using eyeliner that I’ve put together for you. 

A Little Primer Will Cover Smudges 

You’re going to make some mistakes when you’re doing your eyeliner, it’s just a fact of life, but you don’t have to worry about restarting whenever you make a small error if you stick to this little trick. With just a little bit of primer, you can cover any mistakes or smudges with no problems. 

Intensify Colour with a Small Amount of Matching Eye Shadow 

From time to time, you might want to intensify your eyeliner look, but you should avoid just layering on more eyeliner or using a broader stroke. Instead, you should dust around the eyeliner using a little bit of eyeshadow in a matching colour. This will make your eyeliner appear much more intense, while still using minimal coverage. 

Connect the Dots with Liquid Liner 

One of the most difficult parts of applying eyeliner when you’re using a liquid liner is, you know, the actual application of the liner. Liquid liner can be a nightmare to use, but you can’t argue with the results. To make your lines smoother and liquid liner easier to use, you can start your line by making little dots or dashes along the path the line will take. Then all you do is simply connect the dots. Easy and no mess. 

Use Guides for Wings and Cat Eyes 

Wings and cat eyes can be some of the most tempting styles to attempt with eyeliner, but they can be easy to mess up or apply unevenly, which can put some people off from even attempting them. It’s actually surprisingly easy to do neat and striking wings and cat eyes by using some guides to help you along the way. The most common technique is to use a post-it note to essentially draw over in the same way that you would put down masking tape before painting. Try a few different techniques and see what you prefer. They’ll really help you to get great wings and cat eyes, with no fuss. 

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