5 Tips to Make Your Makeup Last Longer 

Beauty products are notoriously pricey, so it is completely normal if you want to find a way to get every last drop out of your favourite products. There are lots of quick and inventive ways to get a little more life out of your makeup, so strap yourself in for this short list of 5 ways to make your makeup last longer. 

Add Rubbing Alcohol to Broken Powders 

We’ve all felt that feeling of crushing disappoint when we’ve opened a compact to find that the powder inside has cracked, but you can say goodbye to those days with this handy trick. Adding a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the powder and then mixing it together will repair the powder and return it to its former glory. You can do the same with eyeshadow and other powder-based makeups as well. 

Combine Your Leftover Perfume with Body Wash 

It’s always a sad day when you have to say goodbye to that last bit of your favourite scent or perfume and if you don’t have a fresh bottle to use, it’s always weird when you go a few days or weeks not quite smelling the same. Well, you can look forward to smelling great for even longer by taking advantage of this tip. Adding those last drops of your perfume to your body wash will let you enjoy your scent for much, much longer. 

Get the Last Bit from the Tube with Hot Water 

It can be frustrating when you have a bit of product leftover in a tube, but you just can’t quite get it out or reach it. Try placing the bottom of the tube in some hot or warm water, this will cause the product to melt a little making it easier to reach and use. 

Don’t Pump Your Mascara 

When you’re running low on mascara it can be tempting to pump the applicator in and out of the container in an attempt to try and get as much out as possible, but you need to try and resist the urge! Pumping mascara can trap air inside of the container, forcing the mascara even further inside and making it harder to reach. Try twisting the applicator inside the container instead, this will help you to pick up those last drops without making life harder for yourself. 

Move Your Remaining Lipstick to a Palette 

When you start to get low on lipstick it can get harder and harder to apply, so to save yourself some trouble I’d recommend moving the last bit in the tube over to a palette or other container. Placing your lipstick in some hot water first will make this easier and if you try this with all your leftover lipsticks, you could end up with a handy palette full of all your favourite shades. 

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