What is a Casino Affiliate?

A casino affiliate is a representative of a casino affiliate program who invites people to gamble online. A casino affiliate program can be run by any gambling operation, such as a casino or an international poker room, which promotes its on-line reviewonlinecasinos.co trustly casinos betting services through various gambling websites. As a casino affiliate, you can work full-time or part-time at home, choose your own hours and generate profits online, both for the casino affiliate program you represent and, of course, to line your own pocket! To get started as a casino affiliate, you register to become an affiliate partner and create an affiliate partner code. It is recommended to keep the code simple so that your guest gamblers can enter the code easily. Some casino affiliate programs also allow you to enter several codes, under which your profits are entered.

Your next step is to select a professional ad which can be placed on any website (including yours) free of charge. When your potential guest clicks on the ad, he enters the casino, poker room, or online blackjack site using your code(s) – ensuring that you get your share of the profit. Some casino affiliate programs also offer special promotional ads for a small fee.

Profit is determined by “rake,” which is computed in proportion to the pot. For example, if one of your guests bets $10 in a game of seven card stud, the rake is determined according to the percentage of that bet against the total stake. Obviously, the more people who register in your code, the higher the stakes – and the bigger your take!

Getting paid varies according to the payment schedules offered by different casino affiliate programs. But the principle is the same: As a casino affiliate, all you need to do to keep track of your money is to get into the webpage specified by the casino affiliate program on the specified day of the month (or week) and see your share of the profits being entered under your affiliate code.